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Cofi Caddell  Aged 11 months.

Cofi had only just begun to train as a starter dog with the Cheshire Set but was showing promise. She had been with us from eight weeks old and was a very special girl whom we were training with a view to her eventually taking over from 10 year old Meg as a flyballer and therapy dog. 

Cofi loved people and was everyone’s friend. For such a young girl, she had an amazing number of both doggie and human friends and knew exactly how to extract treats from all of them.... well the human ones at least! She could be mischievous, too, and her favourite pastimes were digging holes anywhere and everywhere and escaping from our camping garden (despite reinforcements!) Thankfully, she could always be found at Olive’s caravan looking for treats. 

When we woke on the morning of November 1st 2018, we knew nothing of the awful day which lay ahead, which was to be Cofi’s final day with us. In the early hours of 2nd November, Cofi passed away suddenly and unexpectedly after a very short battle with pneumonia, and possibly other complications, which totally overwhelmed her. We could scarcely believe that our beautiful, fit and healthy little girl was gone. 

Cofi, you were with us only a short time but my goodness you had a great time. You did everything we did, you went everywhere we went. You campervanned and had bbqs, you played with French doggies in the Loire and the Dordogne and island-hopped in the Hebrides, you travelled on the Channel Tunnel and entertained passengers on the deck of MV Hebridean with the waggiest tail imaginable. You were our little superstar.... thank you for the happy memories. We will love you, remember you and treasure the happy times together for ever. 💔

Mum and Dad, Meg and Skye xxxx


Tug Edge - Aged 14 Years

Tug, my first flyball dog, started in 1996 when he was four years old. Far fewer tournaments in those days and he eventually achieved his Ice Blue in August 2003, then retired.

Tug was born on 25th Jan 1994 and died in 2007. 



Oggie Edge - Aged 15 Years

Oggie, my second flyball dog, started in 2002 and was the only dog to win the BFA top Bitch and top Crossbreed of the year for three years consecutively. She retained the trophy and it was not competed for again.

She retired in 2010 having gained the Opal award ( 70,000 points ) in August 2009.

Oggie was born on 6th April 2000 and died in August 2015.




Monty Emslie-Wigglesworth - Aged 15 Years

Well here it is, the turn of Monty, our Mad Moo

Spanollie he is, what next will he do?

Ball and indestructible toys he wrecks within minutes

Shoplifting at flyball, entertaining us all, we were in bits

Oh, where is he now? Down by the river I've heard a big splash

Yes, it's Monty gone for a swim, looking for something else to trash

It's in his nature to be boisterous and have no fears

Perhaps it's down to those big tatty old ears

He is really a big softy and just misunderstood

Look into his beautiful eyes and you'll see butter wouldn't melt - but it could! 

Our Gorgeous Monty, The Mad Moo, we think was about 15 and rescued him nearly 13 years ago.He was an absolute nutter when we first rehomed him and we channelled his madness into flyball when in 2011 he became a British Flyball Champion. I was so proud of him that day but in true Monty style, I'd got him looking lovely for the team champion photo but no he had to shovel in the mud and brambles while waiting so he was covered in dirt and sticky buds.

As he was a toy fiend, over the years, he has stolen raffle prizes, toys from the stalls, food from people's awnings, oh and Vera's cuddly pencil case - he ran off with it, including the contents down to the river at Tai Lawr. I had to plan my route of how to get to the ring without Moo Baa spying the toys but I was always unsuccessful as he could spot a stall from 100 yards. At Drax one year we even had to use windbreaks to obscure the side of the blue lane as there were 3 stalls running along the side. He always managed to escape past the wall of Cheshire Set members trying to stop him, out the ring to pinch one, with me legging it behind shouting "LEAVE THEM" and as the stall holders were so used to it, I'd race past after him saying "I'LL BE BACK IN A BIT TO PAY" - he has cost me a fortune over the years.

His agility career lasted all of 10 minutes as he found the pond at the end of the ring. The swimming and rummaging round in the weed was much better than going through tunnels and weave poles and I couldn't get him out the water!

One time, on our favourite Anglesey beach, we were up on the island bit, one minute he was with us the next no sign. We thought well, where is he? Then we heard someone shouting to us "EXCUSE ME IS THIS YOUR DOG?" Yes, it was him, he had jumped in the water and was off swimming out to sea with a group of canoeists.

There are hundreds of funny stories I could tell you about him but these are just a few. He was our mad boy right up to the end but we wouldn't have changed him for the world and loved him to bits. We are absolutely broken hearted but he will always keep us smiling thinking of all his antics and funny memories. and I'm sure there is already someone waiting at Rainbow Bridge for me to pay for the toy he has stolen! 

Always in our thoughts and hearts, Monty Moo - Lou, Ali and the Gang xxxx



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