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Tug Edge - Aged 14 Years

A tribute from Ron

Tug, my first flyball dog, started in 1996 when he was four years old. Far fewer tournaments in those days and he eventually achieved his Ice Blue in August 2003, then retired shortly afterwards. Tug was still seen around the flyball tournaments for several years keeping an experienced eye on his step-sister Oggie's antics. 

Tug was born on 25th Jan 1994 and died in 2007. 


Oggie Edge - Aged 15 Years

Oggie, my second flyball dog, started in 2002 and was the only dog to win the BFA top Bitch and top Crossbreed of the year for three years consecutively. She retained the trophy and it was not competed for again.

She retired in 2010 having gained the Opal award ( 70,000 points ) in August 2009.

Oggie was still the Lady around the house and caravan for several more years, keeping an eye on Charlie. her adoptive brother and generally ruling the roost.

Oggie was born on 6th April 2000 and died in August 2015.

Charlie Edge 

Charlie, my third flyball dog, was a rescue. He started in 2008 and achieved his Chica Chicana in June 2014 (40,000 points). Charlie retired in 2016 but continued to be around at training and shows for a few more years until he was more comfortable staying home.

Charlie sadly left us in 2019 and is sadly missed. Aged 14 years - ish 


Monty Emslie-Wigglesworth - Aged 15 Years

Well here it is, the turn of Monty, our Mad Moo
Spanollie he is, what next will he do?
Ball and indestructible toys he wrecks within minutes
Shoplifting at flyball, entertaining us all, we were in bits
Oh, where is he now? Down by the river I've heard a big splash
Yes, it's Monty gone for a swim, looking for something else to trash
It's in his nature to be boisterous and have no fears
Perhaps it's down to those big tatty old ears
He is really a big softy and just misunderstood
​Look into his beautiful eyes and you'll see butter wouldn't melt - but it could! 

Our Gorgeous Monty, The Mad Moo, we think was about 15 and rescued him nearly 13 years ago.He was an absolute nutter when we first rehomed him and we channelled his madness into flyball when in 2011 he became a British Flyball Champion. I was so proud of him that day but in true Monty style, I'd got him looking lovely for the team champion photo but no he had to shovel in the mud and brambles while waiting so he was covered in dirt and sticky buds.

As he was a toy fiend, over the years, he has stolen raffle prizes, toys from the stalls, food from people's awnings, oh and Vera's cuddly pencil case - he ran off with it, including the contents down to the river at Tai Lawr. I had to plan my route of how to get to the ring without Moo Baa spying the toys but I was always unsuccessful as he could spot a stall from 100 yards. At Drax one year we even had to use windbreaks to obscure the side of the blue lane as there were 3 stalls running along the side. He always managed to escape past the wall of Cheshire Set members trying to stop him, out the ring to pinch one, with me legging it behind shouting "LEAVE THEM" and as the stall holders were so used to it, I'd race past after him saying "I'LL BE BACK IN A BIT TO PAY" - he has cost me a fortune over the years.

His agility career lasted all of 10 minutes as he found the pond at the end of the ring. The swimming and rummaging round in the weed was much better than going through tunnels and weave poles and I couldn't get him out the water!

One time, on our favourite Anglesey beach, we were up on the island bit, one minute he was with us the next no sign. We thought well, where is he? Then we heard someone shouting to us "EXCUSE ME IS THIS YOUR DOG?" Yes, it was him, he had jumped in the water and was off swimming out to sea with a group of canoeists.

There are hundreds of funny stories I could tell you about him but these are just a few. He was our mad boy right up to the end but we wouldn't have changed him for the world and loved him to bits. We are absolutely broken hearted but he will always keep us smiling thinking of all his antics and funny memories. and I'm sure there is already someone waiting at Rainbow Bridge for me to pay for the toy he has stolen! 

Always in our thoughts and hearts, Monty Moo - Lou, Ali and the Gang


Crumble Emslie-Wigglesworth - Aged 17 Years

Crumble aka Rumble ....
Crumble was found wandering the streets as a stray
Eventually and thankfully she came our way
A ball she will carry until it becomes a gooey froth
And when she shakes her head, you're glad of a cloth
The queen of chase is certainly no slouch
Then loves nothing more than being snuggled up on the couch
At flyball sometimes gets distracted and in a bit of a muddle
But always comes back to us for a great big cuddle.

We rescued Crum when she was about 8 years old, a very high energy girl and remained so all of her life. For the first year I spent hours and hours chasing her through brambles and shrubbery, getting cut to ribbons as she'd found a hole in the fence to chase rabbits. On the beach, we would just see a white blur razzing up / down the tide line at dusk chasing the seagulls.  She loved the beach, swimming and any excuse to jump, catching the ball about 6 feet in mid air was one of her favourites.

Crum spent 3 years in starters at flyball as she chased anything that moved and I would be overjoyed if I managed to get her over more than 2 jumps going up to the box. Then finally into open but initially she always knew she could beat the dog to the ball in the red lane - problem was she was meant to be in the blue - sound familiar - Zel??

She became a rock solid flyball dog as long as her entourage was by her side (Ali and I) and that there was a clear way for her to jump the back netting straight into the pool after every leg. Crum would be the one to let the judge know when she was ready by raising her front leg. She always gave 110% and loved nothing more than coming back to her ragger and loads of cuddles from of us. 

We retired Rum only 12 months ago (aged about 16), she must have been the most senior dog on the circuit and when fresh still running sub 5's over full height and just prior to this running 4.2 - 4.4's - not bad for an old girl and not one bit of arthritis. She gained her gold award, represented Wales at the European Flyball Championships 3 years ago and the year before became a British Flyball Champion - how proud were we!

We are absolutely heartbroken. You were such a sweet beautiful girl who loved everyone you met, we were so so lucky to have been able to share our lives with you. We will certainly miss that magnificent tail of yours!

Always in our thoughts and hearts, Rumbley, Crumbley - Lou, Ali and the Gang


Jess Cain - Aged of undetermined years and sadly missed


Millie Emslie-Wigglesworth - Aged 16 Years

We think Millie was nearing 16 and she came to us about 12.5 years ago after having been beaten and starved plus she had to pee herself to have a drink as she had never been given drinking water. 

Raggy is now wrapped up nice and cosy in the garden with the rest of our Rainbow Bridge gang and as close as we could get her to our catties as she adored them.

Within her time with us has travelled the whole of the UK flyballing achieving all sorts of awards and trophies and in 2016 came out or retirement to compete with our Buzby at the European Championships in Ipswich representing Wales where they ran their little paws off. She was our little flyballing pocket rocket enteratining us by racing round the ring when she first went in like a whirling dervish and then cooling off between each leg in her bucket which came to be known as "Millie's Jacuzzi". I have Mill to thank for getting Ali into flyball as he used to get a buzz out of running her, can't think why it wasn't my Monty, the Mad Moo!!

Her antics always kept us amused and here are just a few.

We'd gone over to have a lovely walk along Cemaes Bay Headland but Millie had other ideas when we came across a herd of cows with a bull. Raggy decided she was going to take on this huge animal - barking and running in/ out of his legs, thankfully he was placid but she was standing her ground and he wasn't getting past her.

One evening after racing at the British Championships we decided to go for a relaxing walk by the canal there. We came to a gap in the reeds so Mill decided to have a drink and Gerty went up behind and pushed her in, as you can imagine she was not amused. On the way back Gert was having a sniff by the waters edge, so Raggy took her opportunity - ran full belt, side swiped her and yes Gert was in the drink

Again these 2 at a Mona flyball event, I let them off to stretch their legs and the pair of them decided to try and outrun each other. They legged it off parallell down the field, facing each other so not looking where they were going until BANG, into the bull bar of  parked up 4 x 4. My heart sunk but they just got up, quick shake and carried on where they 'd left off.

Raggy Bag was possessed with cats and just loved and always wanted to be around them. She would tiptoe upstairs, creep round the corner to deliberately startle them if they were lounging in the sun. But one day Flosschops and Poppy were waiting, backed her into a corner with a pincer movement and pounced on her - well all hell broke loose with the 3 of them playfighting and chasing each other round the house.

She will hate me for telling you but she had a wonderful caring side to her hence our phrase Nurse Mill is on the case. Whenever any of our gang came back from having ops, she'd be straight there licking and cleaning their wounds and shadow them until they were back on their feet - I think she had an ulterior motive though because the quicker they were better the sooner she could get back to annoying them

There are so many tales I could share with you about our feisty little Tyke, she was truly unique.

Our scruff bag may have been little but boy she has left such a HUGE hole in our lives. Ali, I and the Gang are so lucky to have been able to have shared and been part of Millie's life. We are absolutely heart broken, sleep tight precious girl - you will ALWAYS be in our thoughts and our hearts.

Lou, Ali and the Gang


Tess Emslie-Wigglesworth - Aged 12.5 Years

Flops (Tess) was about 12.5 years and we rehomed her about 2 years ago with her little friend Skyla (Chunky Monkey)  when one of our team mates sadly passed away suddenly. We were only going to have Skyla due to her background as Tessie was an all round good dog so would quickly find a home or so we thought. Unfortunately, this was not the case, another team mate tried but didn't work out which meant Tess was off to a rescue. I said those words to Ali, which he dreads "I've been thinking" so he knew what was coming - 4 hrs later she joined our little family. It made out hearts melt when Tessie and Skyla saw each other again and knew they would live out their lives together.

Tessie was the perfect flyball dog - she had the speed, perfect turn and would change on anyone. However outside the ring was a bit different – BARK, BARK, BARK while frantically shaking her head, pulling on the lead and as soon as she heard the words "WE’RE IN!” before I could even think of moving I was being dragged across into the ring, lining up while trying not to be tripped up along the way as many a time I'd fall flat on my face.

She retired from flyball last year at the Championships where she became a champion again and she blew her opposition out of the water - I was so proud of her and what a way to finish.

All that said, Flopsy loved the beach, racing across the sand and swimming in the sea which was most days. She did revel in the challenge though of charging across the sand with Zelda to see who would get to the ball first - it was pretty evenly matched but Zel would often jump up over Tess to catch it in mid-air - don't think Tessie was too impressed by those tactics!!

Back in January a couple of the gang including Tessie did a 10 mile walk round Llyn Brenig in the snow but she was always puzzled as to why she could never find the snowballs we had thrown for them .....

Her Buzzy and Kizz were often together, may be because they are all leggy collies and yes Buzz was a bit of a flirt with her which she didn't seem to mind!

Whatever Tessie did she put 110% in to it and was such an easy dog to have - we already miss her loads. We have popped her in the garden wrapped up nice and snug with the others under the magnolia tree - she has her crufts lead and of course a tennis ball.  Sleep tight our beautiful (noisy) girl - we would do anything to hear that bark again.  Always in our thoughts and heart Flopsy Chopsy.

Lou, Ali and the Gang


Kizzy Emslie-Wigglesworth - Aged 17 Years

On New Year's Day our gorgeous Kizzy Whizzbang was poorly and she died peacefully in her sleep early hours of the following morning, she was about 17. Whiskers (Jinty) could sense there was something wrong as she spent all of the day snuggled up to her. They say there is no such thing as perfection but Kizz was perfect in every way and with everything that we did together. And she had the most amazing bronze coloured eyes.

Was that Kizzy that just whizzed past
When after a ball there's nothing as fast
Agility she's great but flyball a superstar
And never fails to impress her Ma and Pa
Bally, Ready and Go are her three favourite words
Flies over the jumps as graceful as a bird
Is there anything my little Whizzbang can't do
Food is a bind and can only manage a morsel or two
Kizzy is a chewer especially with wood and plants
Don't say those words "What have you done?" or she'll pee her pants
Feeling a bit down and need of a hot choc in a mug
Open your arms and she'll give you a big bear hug!

The above sums up our Whizzybang but a few funny stories.

When we rescued Kizz in Nov 2004, little did we realise how ball possessed she was. She didn't eat for the first 5 days so took her to the vets as we were getting worried, no nothing wrong so what was it. Process of elimination, if a ball was in her sight she didn't have time to eat as the ball was more important so no toys or balls could be around at food time.

When we went up the woods, she would try and pull the trees down with the vines, we'd wait for about 5 mins her tugging away and then we'd have to drag her away until she found the next one to tackle.  Kizz always had to be carrying something in her mouth - a ball, piece of driftwood she'd found, dried cowpat - anything she could find to throw at anyone who would throw it for her and if there was nothing she would use her initiatiive and improvise by ripping up a tuft of grass. She loved log collecting but many a bruise we had from her finding a 15 foot branch and then come racing between Ali and I and whack us on the back of the shins.

Before we got the caravan, it was Just Kizz and I that travelled round the UK flyballing in a tent. I remember one time at Doncaster it went down to minus 7 so we had to go for a run before we went to bed to get warm and then we'd snuggle up together in several sleeping bags.  Believe it or not Kizz and I used to turn up to comps in my 2 seater sports car, roof down - boy we did some miles together!

Whizzbang gave 200% in to whatever she did and with the flyball, Kizz and I have had some very exciting and nail biting racing. She became a flyball champion in 2011 which went down to the very last leg and we won by 0.01. She gained loads of trophies, awards and rossettes over the years including the Blizzard trophy at Doncaster. If it wasn't for Whizzbang I would never have done flyball and I always used to say to her "Hey we're a force to be reckoned with!" 

Kizz is now wrapped up nice and snug with all our gang in the garden under her tree. We bought this tree not long after we got Kizzy, back then it was a small flimsy sapling and she would kindly trim it for us, nibbling away at the twigs for the reasons mentioned above so to see it now as a strong, beautiful tree is a miracle. We cut off a few of the twigs to be with Kizz and she has a brand new slazenger tennis ball from Wimbledon tucked up with her as well.

Sleep tight our beautiful girl, we miss you loads and our world has been turned upside down - always in our thoughts and hearts, Kizzy Whizzbang! Love you sweatheart and there will be another star shining brightly in the sky tonight.

Lou, Ali and the Gang


Buzz Emslie-Wigglesworth - Aged 15 Years

On 22nd June 2021 our hearts were broken again, as we had to let our gorgeous boy flyball across the Rainbow Bridge. Buzzy Boo was poorly over the weekend and then took a turn for the worse.  He had a very full tum though with a whole tin of hot dog sausages, whole bag of chicken breast and then his fave huge chunks of cheese for pud.

Buzz, we rehomed nearly 8 years ago so we think he was about 14.5 - 15 ish. He nailed flyball straight away and was not long before he was flying high with the big boys. Buzz was an absolute dream to race and he also represented Wales at the European championships in 2016. I always used to run him between 35 - 40 feet and if he got a good turn ran 4.7's but at the Champs in 2017 Boo ran low 4's and we were back at 51 feet, I can only describe him as supersonic, needless to say we broke out so came last but what a cracking memory to have and I was chatting to him about this when we let him slip away.

Buzby aka Boo Boo ....
Why was my boy chained up in a yard of grime?
Now looking sleek and stunning in his prime
Well what am I going to do with Buzz?
When in the flyball ring his head goes to fuzz
Watch out at the box as here comes the steam train
Like an excorcet missile he races up the lane
His whole life revolves around a tennns ball of yellow
But most of the time is a big soppy cuddly fellow
Buzz enjoys his food but never will beg
Ask him to sit and he will give you a salute of his leg.

Boo was such a funny boy and sure he was part cat as he was so independent and only wanted cuddles on his terms but boy when he wanted them, what a snugglebum.

I'm sure it was him who taught Floss to chase any ball that moves. Many a time he would wind up Raggy Baggy down the beach, she'd drop the ball for you to kick it but before you knew it, Buzz had swooped in and whisked it off much to Millie Rag Bags disgust.

Plastic bottles was his passion, he loved to play and chomp on them until they were as flat as they could be - Ali and I always used to say we should rent him out to the council to recycle their plastic. It didn't matter if we were up the woods, in the park or on the beach, guaranteed he would always find one.

Considering he had been chained up in a yard and beaten, Boo was amazing and had the most beautiful gentle soul a four-legged friend could have. He is now wrapped up nice and snug with of course a ball and what else but a plastic bottle, right by Kizzy Whizzbang and not far from Tessie as he loved his leggy collie girls.

He will always be my handsome boy and thought he was stunning from the very first time I saw him, we were so lucky and privileged to share our lives with him. We miss you so much my sweetheart and sure by now you have met up with some of our gang - next time I see a rainbow I will throw you some more balls to chase Boo Boo. Sleep tight handsome boy.

Love you always Ma, Pa and the Gang xxxx




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